What is Quantum Technology?

Quantum technology is an emerging field of science and engineering which leverages the unique properties of quantum mechanics to provide unprecedented advances in secure communication, sensing and computational power.

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Quantum-Secure Communications

Quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionize the field of secure communications. Currently used cryptographic protocols rely on mathematical encryption and algorithms. These technologies are increasingly venerable to hackers. Quantum-secure communication leverages a different strategy, where data is physically encrypted in the quantum state of each photon. The laws of physics dictate that any attempt to eavesdrop will physically alter the message, producing errors that can be detected with exquisite speed and sensitivity.

Qunnect’s Approach

To achieve quantum-secure networks requires the buildout of numerous quantum-compatible devices analogous to existing telecom network devices. Qunnect is tackling this challenge by building a first-in-class product suite to enable long-distance quantum-secure communications. Our key differentiator is our guiding design principle. Our devices are engineered for low-maintenance, real-world, field-deployment.

Quantum Memory

Qunnect’s first product, a rack-mounted quantum memory device operating at room temperature, can store, coherently manipulate, temporally synchronize, and retrieve quantum-states (optical qubits), on-demand. As a stand-alone product, the memory device can be used to synchronize data within a network, similar to the role of a telecom data buffer. Importantly, our quantum memories are compatible with both fibre-based and free-space communication. The quantum memories will also be an integral component in the company’s future products.

Quantum Repeater

Optical signals propagating along fibers suffer from degradation and signal loss at long distances. In standard telecom, optical amplifiers or repeaters are periodically spaced along the fiber to compensate for this effect. In quantum-secure communication, the same physical laws that protect against eavesdropping make the function of “repeating” impossible. Instead, data is transmitted by teleporting information between nodes through a feature called entanglement swapping. The Quantum Repeater will enable entanglement swapping between periodically spaced nodes in the quantum-secure network. Although some academic groups have demonstrated entanglement swapping using ultra-cold technologies, the support infrastructure is impossible to scale. Qunnect is committed to leveraging our quantum memory technology to build the first commercial, field-deployable, room temperature quantum repeater.